Multi-Tech MultiModem II

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Multi-Tech MultiModem II

Mission-critical corporate modems


The full-featured MultiModem® II corporate modem provides high-speed data and fax communications, a robust feature set, and an industrial chassis for rock-solid reliability. This modem is ideal for corporate users and legacy systems.

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Family Features

V.92 Model Features

V.90 Model Features

V.34 Model Features

Ordering Information

V.34 Model MultiModem II
Product Description
V.34 Data/Fax Modem (d/u,2wLL) Call Euro/ROW
MT2834BLIe V.34 Data/Fax Modem
(d/u, 2/4wLL)
V.90 Model MultiModem II
Product Description
MT5600BL-EURO MT5600BL-EURO V.90 Data/Fax Modem (d/u, 2/4wLL)
MT5600BA-EURO MT5600BA-EURO V.90 Data/Fax Modem (d/u,2wLL)
V.92 Model MultiModem II
Product Description
MT5600BA-V92 V.92 Data/Fax World Modem


Fiche technique Data sheet MultiModem II V.34 (428.4 kB)

Fiche technique Data sheet MultiModem II V.90 (425.1 kB)

Fiche technique Multi-Tech MultiModem II Datasheet (799.4 kB)

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