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Barix Instreamer

Network Audio Converter

Fonctionnalités et Avantages


The Barix Instreamer is an upgraded version of the Instreamer 100, the original IP Audio encoder used in thousands of installations worldwide.
It is a versatile, network-enabled, generic analog audio IP encoder suitable for audio distribution, monitoring and transmission purposes in Broadcast, Retail, Security and Entertainment industries alike.

The Barix Instreamer samples and encodes audio from a (stereo or mono) analog source into high-quality MP3 or PCM/uLaw/aLaw streams with low latency.
The resulting audio stream then is distributed over IP using industry standard and application specific protocols (shoutcast, RTP and others, multicast supported) Network alarms (SNMP Traps) can be generated for configurable events such as loss of audio, audio levels above a certain threshold and the like.

Specific application firmware is available from Barix or can even be programmed by Barix and integrators alike to suit special, non-standard applications. One example is the Barix SIP application, which turns the Instreamer in an audio-dial or call-in monitoring device.

The Barix Instreamer can be easily configured and managed with a web browser. A link on the UI allows direct listening to the audio feed in real time.

With serial and Ethernet control APIs, open IP-standards and support for PCM, G.711 and MP3, the device can be integrated with other components, controlled by automation systems, or used with Barix’s Exstreamer to create flexible, standardsbased and cost effective solutions in many markets.


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Installing the Barix Instreamer is fast and simple due to its unique features - SonicIP and IPzator:The device announces its IP address over the audio output after power-up!

The Instreamer supports various control and communication modes. Software developers can easily write audio applications using one of the well-documented Ethernet, serial, or web-based interfaces.

Further documentation and software at Barix


Fiche technique Barix Instreamer Datasheet (406.7 kB)

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