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Power Management

It offers metering at the inlet, outlet, and PDU circuit breaker level. And tracks current, voltage, power, power factor, and energy usage within 1% billing-grade accuracy. In short, it helps you to better manage existing power capacity, and save energy.

RARITAN intelligent Power Distribution Units.

Solutions for any configuration - A WIDE UNIVERSAL RANGE

The Legrand / Raritan / ServerTech PDU offer combines quality and innovation with a wide range of applications. A standalone solution, this range integrates seamlessly into any installation ensuring compliance with applicable standards.

RARITAN intelligent Power Distribution Units Raritan's data center power products include rack power distribution units (rack PDUs), inline meters, transfer switches, and branch circuit monitoring systems. Leveraging Xerus Technology Platform, all Raritan power distribution products improve uptime and availability by making power management devices easier to deploy, control, and manage remotely across multiple locations. Natively compatible with DCIM software, Raritan power distribution products allow you to easily scale new environmental monitoring and access control devices as well as gather actionable insights for quicker, smarter decision making.

The PXE Metered Rack PDU series was designed for SMBs. The series offers metering at the inlet and PDU circuit breaker level. It comes in 1U and Zero U models. And supports voltages from single-phase 120V to three-phase 208V. Gain insight into power capacity and environmental conditions.
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Perle Systems

 Perle Remote Power Switches

Perle Remote Power Switches

Remote Power Switches



Remote Power Switches - 8 plugs

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